Camping gear

Finding that perfect camp setup is different for every traveler and has been a lengthy trial-and-error process for us. Mainly through the purchase of gear that did not work for us, we came to a list of requirements that were most important to us.

And those requirements were not an easy bunch:

  •  Best view ever at a campsite
    Best view ever at a campsite

    the tent needed to be lightweight and pack small enough to fit in our Magadan panniers, be big enough to harbour all our gear, preferably have 2 entrances/porches

  • our stove needed to run on multifuel
  • our matresses needed to be lightweight and pack as small as possible
  • the same criteria are valid for our sleeping bags
  • we hate to sit on the cold ground, so some furniture is much appreciated
  • a tarp is added to keep us dry in bad weather

It took us about 4 years, 3 tents, 3 sleeping bags each and 2 air matresses but we can now safely say that we have found the kit that fits the bill perfectly.

  •  Tent: we have chosen a Vaude Space L3 tent, mainly because it’s quite spacious, it can be set up with a minimum number of pegs and it has 2 porches and side entrances.
  • Stove: we chose a MSR Whisperlite stove with a Trangia cooking set.
  • Matresses: our insulated Exped matresses are our most treasured piece of camping gear. They have ensured that we wake up every morning well rested, even in the coldest temperatures
  • Sleeping bags: it took us a while to come to the insight and courage to spend a ridiculous amount of money on them, but in the end we cashed out and bought ourselves a set of down sleeping bags. Next to our Klim riding gear, this was the second best ridiculous amount of money ever spent.
  • Furniture: Helinox chairs… best invention ever! And they are even better when you buy the cheap Chinese knock-offs!
 Morning views
Morning views