We haven't been everywhere, but it's on our list... and our list has been populated with new ideas almost on a daily basis throughout the past few years thanks to the following inspiring literature:

Ewan and Charlie's Long Way Round

Although it was all too orchestrated, too commercial and way too mainstream, we still need to credit Charlie and Ewan for lighting the spark and introducing us to Mongolia.

Meisjes, Moslims en Motoren

Next to inspire us were the writings and images of Gaea and Trui and their book about their travels through Iran and the Stans. Their encounters, their images, their hardships along the road have made us decide that this is the way to travel for us.

We have become keen followers of their work and travels and they do not seize to amaze us with new adventures time and again.

Walter Colebatch's Sibirsky Extreme

You cannot plan a trip east without coming across Walter Colebatch and his Sibirsky Extreme project. His writings are a continuous inspiration and his knowledge of the region is legendary so we have to credit him as one of our biggest sources of information.


Forums are a continuous inspiration and an invaluable source of information for travellers. We are constantly keeping an eye on these for tips, inspiring stories and useful information

Lyndon Posktit's Races to Places

We have been following Lydon's projects from the preparations for his Dakar 2014 participation through his current Races to Places project where he travels the world and races rally's on his bike Basil.

Races to Places - Lyndon Poskitt Racing