Terras in the Tatras (and Carpathians) 2015

After our wonderful trips to the Balkans in the past 2 years we wanted do explore a different region this year. Since we like riding in the mountains and we have seen most of the Alps and the Pyrenees, the choice fell on the Tatra and Carpathian mountains in eastern Europe. We’ll be sticking to the most enjoyable roads we can find and do also want to take in some culture and history in Truskavets, Krakow and Auschwitz.

As per usual we spend much time during the winter months planning and reading about our destination. It is all part of the fun and despite the fact that we very rarely stick to our original plans it does help to get to know the regions we’ll be passing through. So come summer we are well-prepared.

Routes are loaded on the GPS-es, packing goes like clockwork after all these years of practice and by the 6th of June we are ready for another 3 weeks of motorcycle adventures.

Terras in the Tatras Map
Terras in the Tatras Map


Trip highlights

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