East and back again…
 Central Asia 2016

While writing this introduction, we still have another 100 or so days to go before setting off on this journey. It will be our first ‘intercontinental’ trip with the motorbikes, and definitely our biggest adventure so far.

Plans for this have gradually matured over the past 4 years and sometimes it seemed little more than a distant dream but ever since the new year, the reality of it is sinking in.

Preparations are in their final stages. We both got approval for a prolonged leave of absence from our employers, giving us a total of 5 months on the road. This should provide sufficient time for the 25k+ km route we have mapped out, while enjoying the sights and people we meet on the road. Roads which will take us via Bulgaria and Turkey with a detour through Georgia and Armenia down to Iran. Then, a hopefully swift crossing of Turkmenistan into the other Stans and further to Mongolia. From there we will head into Russia via lake Baikal and start making our way back west through Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and back home.

Next on the agenda will be sorting out the visas and carnet de passage. The bikes still need some final TLC in the form of improved suspension, a thorough maintenance and a few additional bits and bobs.

Other than that, we are almost good to go. Stay tuned for updates!

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