Home-made manual chain oiler

Having learned from experience how chain oilers benefit the lifespan of a chain and how easy it is to keep a chain clean when using chainsaw oil on them regularly I wanted to install one on Sofie’s bike.

Especially because I also know how tedious and easily forgotten the spray can lubing is while on the road.

I have a Tutoro installed on my Terra. But even with that system I tend to forget to turn it on or off. There are off course automated systems, but those are often expensive and/or complex. So when I saw a Youtube video from a bloke that used a chainsaw primer pump in a chain oiler I loved it. The fact that you can get them for Husqvarna chainsaws sold the idea to me completely.

So I gathered some cheap components:

  • the chainsaw fuel primer pump
  • a brake fluid reservoir
  • a couple of meters of flexible tubing
  • some metal wire
  • tie wraps
  • a flexible metal strip
  • a thing sheet of reclaimed alu

While installing the Barkbusters I had used these spacers, with the idea to use them to install a set of LED auxiliary lights. But I ended up installing those differently, leaving the spacers as a perfect mounting point for the reservoir.

This is what the fuel primer pump looks like:
Chainsaw fuel primer pump

I had hoped to reuse this small mounting plate I had lying around. But when the primer pump arrived it was clear I had to look for a different solution.
Mounting plate

So I used some scrap alu that I had lying around to fashion up something myself. I don’t have any metalworking tools, so I had to improvise with a grinding wheel and a file.
Alu plate

A little Hammerite makes it look almost acceptable.
Painted mounting plate

Testing out the fitment:
Test fit

Looks good, so I can get started on the reservoir and the tubing.
Reservoir and tubing
Tube and handlebars

A bit of trial and error on the tube fitting.
Tube routing along the frame

Just to determine where to cut the tubing to size.
Sizing up

After that tie wraps are used to keep it all in place.
Fixating with tie wraps
Fixating with tie wraps

Remains to make sure the oil drips onto the rear sprocket nicely. A flexible metal strip and a few tie wraps should do the trick. All I need to do is mold the strip to fit the swing arm.
Hammering into shape

Before fixating it with the tie wraps.
Tie wrapped

And cutting it to size. Some metal wire inserted into the last 15cm of tubing makes sure it is easily positioned on the sprocket.
Final cleanup

Of course I also want everything to look tidy. First some tape and liquid sealant makes sure the unconventional mounting of the tubing on the reservoir doesn’t start leaking.
Taping the seal

Clean it up with some heat shrink.
Heat shrinked

Fill up the reservoir with chainsaw oil and I can start pumping.
Pump primed with oil

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