Who are we?


we are Jo and Sofie, two kindred crazy spirits with a passion for motorcycles and travelling. We love nothing more than to just pack up and leave, to discover new countries and civilizations, to boldly go where no one has… well… relatively few have gone before! But unlike the crew of the Starship Enterprise, we like to keep things down to earth.

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dreamer – traveller – citizen of Enduristan

When I’m not out there discovering the world on my motorbike, you can find me crouched on the sofa dreaming of far away destinations in travel guides, blogs and maps.

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Roamer, wanderer, nomad, vagabond.

Keen and curious adventurer who feels just as much at home in IT as in the workshop tinkering on bikes. Loves exploring the world, its people and himself, preferably on 2 wheels behind the handlebars of his beloved bike. Lucky to have found a partner in life and on the road to share this with.

Motorcycle passionates since 2004, we have tried and tested many forms of motorcycling: road trips, track riding, enduro… We finally found our true love in allroad travelling in 2013. The road trips triggered our love for travelling on a motorbike and the enduro added the offroad aspect to the mix. So we are now slowly but steady discovering the backroads of Europe and beyond on our beloved motorcycles: 2 Husqvarna TR650 Terra’s. You can read more about our motorbikes, past and present, on the Bikes page.

With this blog we hope to give you an impression of our travels, to let you join in onĀ our experiences and to share our passion.


 Selfie at Lake Sinevir
Selfie at Lake Sinevir