Friends from the road

During our travels, we met some other very interesting travelers with great stories to tell. Their means of travel were diverse, ranging from backpacking to luxurious travel in a fully kitted out MAN truck, but their reasons were all the same: go and explore the world, meet new people and getting immersed in other cultures.

Here you can find a list of very inspirational blogs and facebook pages. Enjoy!

Taste of Freedom

We first came to know Mirjam through facebook while she was looking for a motorcycle suit that would get her dry and warm through the high passes of the Pamir and all the way to Mongolia. We ended up spending a big part of our Iranian adventure together and we love her to bits. One of those people you get an immediate profound connection with!


We met Hette at the German 2015 autumn meeting of Horizons Unlimited. He was thinking about doing a trip to Mongolia somewhere in the future and since we had already plans in that direction, he was picking our brains the entire weekend. A couple of months later, he had sped up his plans and we were meeting in Tabriz, Iran. One of those people where looks really are deceiving: behind the boyish exterior lies a very old and wise spirit. 

Hette's Motorreizen

David & Evi - We2r

The way we met David and Evi is a bit of a funny story. We first came across their sticker inside the customs office on the Armenian border. Later that night, we popped them an e-mail just to let them know that we found their sticker and to wish them well. The next day we ride into Yerevan and when entering the hostel we had booked, there's a girl stuffing a motorcycle suit into a washing machine. And there they were: David and Eve. They must be the happiest and most outgoing couple we've met so far and we've been following their incredible adventure ever since we met that day in Yerevan.

Giona & Uliana - Twentyone Steps

Giona and Uliana were traveling in Mitsubishi Delica 4WD camper van when we met them in Capadocia, Turkey. Giona, being a cook, was on a culinary quest for inspiring recipes and flavors. They have settled down in Barcelona for now, but we're sure they will be making new travel plans in the near future!

Daniel & Magali - 365daysoff

Daniel and Magali were a few months in their 1 year round the world backpacking trip when we met them on the Free Walking Tour in Tbilisi, Georgia. We decided to have some khachapuri together for dinner and we spent a lovely evening together. Magali is also the first owner of the dress that became the center of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress, founded there and then in Tbilisi. She graciously parted with the, according to her, 'hideous tent' but to Sofie it thrilled to have the thing!

Roderick & Marleen - Circumbendibus

Roderick & Marleen, now that's a whole other ballgame! We met this couple very briefly on the free campsite in Tabriz, but they left a big impression on us. They travel in their old converted army ambulance, called Abi and they are on a personal quest in search for simpler life, closer to nature, closer to each other.

Peter & Leonie - Amsterdam to Anywhere

We came across Peter and Leonie's blog during the preparations for our trip and we followed them during our trip. The idea was that we would cross paths somewhere in Central-Asia but in the end, that didn't happen. We did meet them finally at the 2016 Horizons Unlimited autumn meeting in Germany. And for some reason we all felt as if we had known each other for ages. Sometimes you just have that connection right from the start. They have returned from their almost 3 years round the world trip and they have big plans for the future. Make sure you keep a keen eye on them!

Joost & Marijke

We met Dutch couple Joost and Marijke next to the Hairavank Monastery in Armenia. Like us, they had escaped the busy tourist trap that is Sevanavank just up the road and were enjoying the peace and quiet of this less famous monastery on Lake Sevan. They invited us for drinks straight from the cool fridge in their Toyota Hilux and we spent some time just talking and exchanging stories.

Peter & Anja - Solitaire Camper

Riding up to Gelati monastery in Georgia, we were behind this huge MAN truck, owned by Peter and Anja. Talk about traveling in luxury! We shared a nespresso coffee (what else?!) next to the monastery and learned a bit more about them. Before they built the truck, they had been traveling by other means of transport, ranging from backpacks, to motorbikes and 4WD's. You can follow their latest adventures on their blog!

Seb & Kim - Wandering Souls

We came to know Seb and Kim personally after a presentation about their travels to Mongolia in 2013. We are happy to count these 2 crazy spirits among our friends and their blog is in continuous reminder of what the perfect life should look like: live everyday to the fullest, don't care what other people think and dare to take bold decisions. We're not entirely there yet, but it's growing on us.

Ela - Pumpernickel on Tour

Ela has really captivated us with her personality and achievements. We got to know her as the perfect guide on the Welsh trails and her courage to travel the world on her small DRZ400 has really inspired us and sparked the plug to go and explore the world ourselves. Her blog and travel journals were a real inspiration, if only she would finish the story!