Introducing the Eastafette Project

Exploring the world gets under your skin. It starts off small and inconspicuous, but before you know it you’re stuck with a full on infection, a rash you simply can’t get rid of. We figured going on our East and Back Again trip last year would scratch the itch for a while. And even though it did satisfy some of the wanderlust, we did not reach the goal we set out for and were left with a hunger for more. Stopping or giving up is not an option in our case. So it did not take us long to come up with a new plan to ride into the horizon. We’re calling it The Eastafette Project.

New plan, but with a similar goal to reach the Pamir and Altai mountains. The new plan called for a new strategy, one that would work with budgetary limitations and professional commitments. Instead of a prolonged single trip we’re cutting it up in shorter “estafette” type legs. Leaving the bikes abroad, flying back home, and returning to continue the trip to the next location whenever the opportunity arises.

This is not really a novel idea and definitely not our own invention. Many people have been using this method successfully for years. In our case, it was mainly inspired by a ride report on called The Mobius Trip which I read a couple of years ago that convinced us that this could also work for us.

We plan to get to the Pamir mountains at some point in the coming years but when exactly that will be or where the road will take us afterwards is still unsure. The first leg will take us back through the Balkans region, allowing us to revisit one of our favorite parts of Europe and catch up with friends over there.

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