Krk to Kobarid

We are nearing the end of our trip. The Autozug from Deutsche Bahn that we are booked on is leaving on Monday evening in Villach. That gives us a little bit of time to relax over the weekend. And we know just the place to do that. Last year we discovered a great little camp site near Kobarid. Well, not so little to be honest, but very cosy and outside the tourist season from halfway July to end of August it is pretty quiet.

As we are eager to get away from all the tourist bustle on Krk we are all packed and ready to go by 8AM. We grab some croissants for breakfast from the camp site shop and then we’re off. We’ve planned a pretty direct rout eto Kobarid, but will be avoiding motorways and especially busy Rijeka. The result is a fortunate endless succession of bends and curves. The riding is awesome. Even despite the lovely stretch between Logatec and Tolmin being littered with road works and alternating traffic. We’re pretty unlucky getting stuck at the red lights every time for each of the construction sites. At one of those stops we do get some entertainment. Behind us are a BMW Z4, nervously revving the engine and what looks like some pimped up red Honda sports car blasting cheap dance music out of the windows. When the light turns green we let both of them pass. I prefer not to get caught in the middle of what these guys have planned.

We arrive at Camp Lazar near Kobarid around 4PM and pick a spot to put up our tent. And then, you’ve probably guessed… beer o’clock.

 Beer O
Beer O’Clock


 Updating the diary
Updating the diary


 The fire is always burning
The fire is always burning

We were so busy enjoying the ride today that we hardly shot any other pics. So it’s just the route overview:


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