Lembach to Libin

Final day, or not quite. Before we left for this trip, we were invited by Karin and her husband Bart to a barbeque at their weekend home in the Ardennes. We kindly excepted the invitation, so today we are expected in Libin around 5 PM.

When we start packing up the tent, this little fellah is trying to hitch a ride. The campsite is right next to a reasonably big fishing pond and the entire area is filled with frogs. During our after dinner walk yesterday evening they were everywhere and even though we tried our hardes to avoid them, we will definitely have stepped on more than one.

 spot the froggy near Lembach, France
spot the froggy near Lembach, France

We pack up and then head further north towards home.

 and the final border crossing... no. 18: back home! Entering Belgium
and the final border crossing… no. 18: back home! Entering Belgium

We are a bit earlier than expected at Karin’s place but that gives us plenty of time to put up the tent and enjoy the sunshine.

 Final night @ Karin
Final night @ Karin’s place in Libin

Josephine defintely has earned her spot in between the adventure bikes. This trip definitely was not what she was designed for, but she handled it brilliantly. Some stretches were hard on the supsension, some stretches were hard on the rider. But both definitely pushed a lot of boundaries the past 3 weeks.

 Josephine being adventurous between the adventure bikes
Josephine being adventurous between the adventure bikes

After an exhuberant barbeque, with friends and loads of stories, we hit our sleeping bags.

The final day is prettty uneventful. We take it easy since it clearly is going to be a hot day today. So we enjoy yet another delicious breakfast, wait for the tent to dry out completely before we pack it, enjoy some more sunshine and then it is time to finally head home.

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