TR650 Terra tank breather valve removal

As pretty much any vehicle ever made, the Husqvarna Terra also has a few known issues. One such potential problem is the tank breather valve failing. When this valve fails hot conditions can cause pressure build-up in the tank with fuel fountains when opening the fuel cap, and in extreme cases even rupture of the fuel tank.
The purpose of the valve is two-fold: preventing water from getting into the tank via the breather tube and preventing fuel to poor out of the tank when the bike is on its side. I don’t really mind giving that up, as besides in the event of total submersion, the tank bag prevents any water from getting in and because of the small diameter of the breather, very little fuel can leak out after a fall.

The pressure valve is a simple spring operated device and easy to remove. First some of the plastics around the tank cap have to be removed. Then the fuel cap comes of. I press some rags into the filler mouth to prevent any of the bolts I will be removing next falling into the tank.
Stuffed filler mouth

For some reason, even though all other bolts on the bike have a torx head, these use an allan head. God knows why. Like on its BMW nephews, the Terra tank is located under the seat. So the filler mouth is only a funnel towards the tank itself.
Funnel removed

The funnel simply clicks out of its holder.

The pressure valve is hidden under this little red block. I need to dig up the smallest torx bit in my set.
Fiddly torx screws

There is the little bugger.
Pressure valve spring

Three simple components.
Spring, ball, plate

With these removed, the old mechanics’ adagio applies: installation is reverse of removal.

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